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17 Jul 2018
Local Movers in Naples

How to Guarantee Stress Free Move with Local Movers in Naples FL?

Strenuous, full of risks and emotionally draining – that’s how we can best describe moving days. The number of things that can go wrong on this particular day is so huge that even thinking about it is enough to make restless this very moment. Although a stress-free moving day may sound difficult, it’s not all that impossible to achieve. You can considerably reduce the strain during the most critical hours of your relocation by putting in practice some efficient tricks. To reduce the stress, you need to reduce the risks and find practical solutions to all the challenges that may present themselves on the moving day.

Local Movers in Naples

Seek professional help

Your possessions are your primary concern. Proper packing and professional moving help will guarantee the best possible protection to your belongings during transit and the good condition of your old property after the move. A relocation doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming when you have an expert local movers in Naples helping you.

We at ‘Act of class moving’ provide long moving services in Naples FL with truly professional and reliable service, and our trained professionals ensure that your valuable belongings are handled, packed, and delivered safely. Our professionals also work with you to develop and execute a personalized moving plan – just the way you want it. This plan includes service options that are custom-tailored to your needs and to ensure that your relocation is handled with the utmost care. We also take care of the start-to-end process of moving, so that you can leave your stress of moving and rather be enthusiastic of moving to a new neighbourhood.

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Keep in mind the ‘safety’ quotient –

Your next step is to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the moving process. Accidents are very common during relocation. Look at all the heavy-duty possessions around, now imagine shifting them. So, make every effort to prevent accidents and injuries during your relocation endeavour. It’s best to hire a sitter to look after your little kids and/or pets on moving day. Also, it’s important to act minding the weather. Wear comfortable clothes as per the weather condition, stay hydrated (irrespective how the weather is) to avoid exhaustion and make sure to keep your kids and pets inside if it’s cold or rainy. Also, if the weather isn’t quite acting nice, you can think of temporary storage of your possessions (only moving what’s really important to your new home).

Now during moving, if you need temporary or permanent storage for your belongings in Naples FL, we can help you with that too. We make it easy to meet your storage needs with strategically located and climate-controlled facilities to safely store your belongings. Our highly secure and climate- controlled storage facilities are equipped with video surveillance, 24-hour monitoring, and specialized storage space for fragile and sensitive items.

Be well prepared, physically and mentally

Be well prepared for the unexpected. A number of things can ‘not’ go the way you want them to. Make sure that you are well equipped to deal with any unexpected difficulties or changing circumstances at the time of your move. Have all the essential things you may need on moving day handy (not packed away in sealed moving boxes), so that you have easy access to any documents, tools, packing supplies, safety materials, cleaning equipment and other items that will help you take care of the last moment moving tasks. That way you can avoid or deal with unanticipated events on your moving day. Also, make sure you keep your survival box (the daily essentials) with you so that you can ensure your and your family’s comfort and well-being on that day. Also, have some cash on you for small expenses on moving day (to buy snacks and drinks, pay parking fees, tip your movers, etc.). Most importantly, keep calm to make
better decisions. Be flexible to alternative solutions for a smooth transition. Avoid rushing too much because some things take time and moving is one of them. And most importantly look at the brighter side of all these hardships.

If you need local movers in Naples FL, then we are your best pick. We cater to both residential and commercial clients within Naples FL, offering end-to-end services at the most affordable rates. Our Local movers in Naples are trained, experienced, and hardworking individuals who are always willing to walk that extra mile to ensure a stress free moving for you.
Here’s a list of our services:

Personalized long distance moving plan – Full inventory of all items to be moved – Full-
service packing and unpacking – Custom crating and packing for fragile items – Short-term
and long-term climate-controlled storage – Cleaning services and packing material removal

30 Jun 2018
local movers naples, fort myers

A Complete Guide to Senior Moving Services in Fort Myers FL

Moving to a new home or apartment can be stressful for many but for seniors, moving comes with unique challenges. Imagine if you’re moving from a home you’ve lived in for most of your life and relocating to a neighborhood or retirement community where you don’t know anyone, the transition can be emotionally stressful. These factors coupled with the physical stress of packing, shifting and unpacking can be extremely exhausting and nerve-wracking for seniors. That’s when you should consider senior moving services. And this post will help you know what to expect when looking for a reputable moving company in Fort Myers FL. These all things makes us top ranked movers in Fort Myers fl area.

Taking care of the end to end services

Senior moving services offer more than regular moving services. They understand the emotional aspects of downsizing and moving for older adults as a result of which they take care of the entire process of moving with compassion. It’s less of services of more of people helping senior adults in every step of the move. From handling planning, organizing, and executing of a move – all with sensitivity to the unique stresses and logistics involved in a senior move. Most of the reputable companies are expected to do the following – planning a move, organizing and sorting, arranging estate sales, donations, consignment, or auctions (if any), arranging shipping and storage, unpacking and setting up the new home, etc.

Taking care of the downsizing solutions

Downsizing is a particularly extreme aspect of moving. The difficulty is to figure out exactly what to store, keep, or give away. This is an area where moving services can help a lot, but it is also important that the person giving up their stuff has as much liberty as possible. This is also something that is best done ahead of time and with a plan. Giving the senior person some time to consider what they need and want to bring with them can prevent a lot of stress on the day of the move.

Paying attention to detail

With professional backgrounds and knowledge in hand, most move managers have expert project management skills. So it becomes easy for them to work the older adult for days, prior to the move and go through everything to determine what can be repurposed, recycled and sold. From shipment to storage of goods, from documentation to taking approval from the family members on selling and retaining goods, every detail is taken care of by the movers. Also, if need be the move manager will readily connect the family with an estate sale expert, or sometimes even conducts the estate sale themselves. They will also help with placing the home up for sale (if need be) through real estate agents in their network and arrange for moving and cleaning services. Anything that is donated, the move manager ensures that the donations are documented and tax deductible. We pay attention to each and every things which our move that is why we are regarded as top movers Fort Myers fl area.

Taking care of the ‘moving’ and ‘settling’ stress

Move managers help make the transition to a new home smoother for the entire family, especially the senior. By having an expert manage the move, it helps take away a lot of stress for everyone involved (as they take care of everything related to moving) and ensures that the best interest of the senior is being kept in focus. Another important part of making the transition easier for the elderly is ensuring their new place feels like home from the second they step into it. That’s why senior moving services specifically pay a lot of attention to setting up the new place ahead of time or working with the person themselves, to get their new place to be just right. Moving may not be easy at an older age, but it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming struggle either. If you are looking for the affordable movers in Fort Myers FL area then your search ends here.
Contact us in Fort Myers FL to find out more about how we can help. Consider just how much, and what type of assistance you or your seniors require. We will offer you a full range of services and be depending on your needs and your budget you can pick the ones that best suit you.

26 Jun 2018

How to Guarantee Stress Free Move with Local Movers in Fort Myers FL

Moving consistently is not only tedious but considered as one of the most stressful things in life. So much so that the tasks associated with moving from one address to another can lead to anxiety and sleepless nights. The ones who move would agree that we aren’t exaggerating a bit! If you plan to handle the move all by yourself, it’s a different kind of pressure as it includes several tasks – from packing all your belongings, lifting items all by yourself to renting a truck. And all this is time consuming and involves a certain budget. Now, you can go ahead and face the challenges all by yourself or consider hiring a local professional mover who can reduce your stress and make moving less tedious. The latter sounds more workable to us. A local mover would strive to make your move quick, safe, and problem free. Plus when you have a professional and qualified moving crew around they would guarantee a Stress-Free Move. Also consider always searching for top ranked movers in Fort Myers fl area. Let’s find out how!

They guarantee timely pick-up and load

Following timely schedule is important especially when you have to vacate a place and move in to another. And as professionals movers know the important of this. Their goal is to keep the moving day on schedule. The moving crew work hard to ensure their moving and storage services work with your schedule. No matter what the season, time or place, they will guarantee to load and deliver your items on time on your requested moving date. Also consider if they are one of the affordable movers in fort myers fl area.

They guarantee easy pickup & load

Packing is one task, ensuring safe moving is another. Not knowing how to navigate in cramped spaces or stairs with heavy boxes or piece of furniture or delicate belongings may cause unnecessary delays, mishaps and injuries. Whereas a team of skilled movers and packers guarantees to move your belongings safely to your destination. They are accustomed to moving techniques. They know how to pack fragile items and to steer large objects through hallways and up staircases without damaging your property or belongings.

They guarantee convenient transport

First hire a truck, then hire someone who can drive or take the heck of driving it all by yourself. All this is enough to drive you crazy. But not when you have a trustworthy team who can drive your possessions safely to your new home. Professionals undergo hours in safe driving training and transport to make sure your belongings get to your new home safe and sound.

They guarantee ‘less chaotic’ arrival

Now, you’ve reached your new home and you anticipate your house will not be perfectly set up on day one. You decide to live without a functional living area and dining room for a few days. But not when you involve movers. They prioritize your unpacking too. They unpack and place your goods. You can forget about all the hassle about lugging your boxes and furniture from room to room. Instead you can relax and prepare yourself to get settled in your new home. If you are looking for the move on sunday then make sure to look for movers that work sunday”s .

If you are in Fort Myers FL, we at Act of Class can help you with a stress-free moving – a smooth shift from start to end. When you use our packing and moving services, you can rest assured that we have the necessary equipment and expertise to perform your move. We have the expertise that enables us to accomplish tasks in less time. No matter what you need, from full service moving to labour and packing services, we are here to help. Our one stop shop offers everything you need for a successful moving experience. All this without any stress and at an affordable price (we will provide you with a quote for the services that you need).  So, to enjoy a stress free move contact us today!

03 Jan 2018
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Moving Guide to the Movers in Florida (Part 2)

In our previous post, we covered the geographic aspects, the housing options and also about the weather conditions in Florida which lead to major decisions regarding moving to Florida. The post gives you insights about the geographic situations in Florida and in this post we will cover the work-life aspect in Florida region and how you can decide whether or not you want to be a residential mover or commercial movers in Florida region.

Things to do in Florida.

Florida is primarily famous for the beaches and the opportunities that these beach towns offer. But the state also comes with a lot of hidden gems and the absolute perks for the residents of Florida. And some of these perks can be enjoyed all year round.

Some of the Popular Activities in Florida Include:

  • A relaxing vacation to the Florida Keysor other Florida beach destinations.
  • Plan a trip to widely known attractions like Universal Studios Busch Gardens.
  • Visit the Kennedy Space Center and the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.
  • The Florida State park system gives you an amazing park experience.
  • Eat fresh seafood and other Florida delicacies at local restaurants.
  • A perfect weekend at the Daytona 500.


Jobs and Career in the Sunshine State Florida.

Commercial Movers in Florida are increasing every year with the increase of industry and business in the leading cities like Fort Myers, Naples, Miami etc. The commercialization, booming travel industry is also leading to positive growth in career and job avenues in the Florida region.

Following are the popular Industries segments in Florida:

  • Tourism
  • International trade
  • Health sciences and Healthcare
  • Aerospace and aviation
  • Marketing and sales


Universities in Florida

Florida is growing in educational norms and though there is a little difficulty in making a choice for the high schools owing to the difference in funding which is most talked about due to the varying educational experience for each student.

There are schools and universities that offer bilingual education that is considered a positive by the recruiters as there is a large proportion of Hispanic population in Florida.

But the university programs have evolved and are being developed as per the evolving world economies. They are also working on making the students place able and as per the recruiters in the industry.

Some of the popular Florida Universities include:

  • University of Florida
  • University of Miami
  • Florida State University
  • Florida Institute of Technology
  • Florida Gulf Coast University


Retired and Assisted Living Option in Florida

Florida was always a happy state with lot of seasonal retired couples entering the state as their preferred state for assisted living and retiring homes.

Here are some moving tips to keep in mind when you are coming for a season to experience Senior Living:

  • A WiFi connected thermostat to help you check in on the temperature of your home when you are away on when you decide to move just in time.
  • It is always good to install hurricane shutters when you are leaving florida. The weather conditions are turbulent and you would not like to see the home in a devastated shape after a storm on your return.
  • It is recommended to establish & secure residency in Florida. You can only skip taxes if you end up spending more than 183 days a year in the state.
  • As a seasonal traveler, you must keep the paperwork complete and clear. Also keep the medical records handy in case you are here to explore assisted or senior living options.


Steps you Should Take Once You Make Your Move in Florida

  • Sign up for a Florida driver’s license or identification card.
  • Change your address and update car insurance to register your car. It is ideal to get this process done within ten days of your move.
  • File your taxes in two different states. Or get in touch with an advisor help & guide you through the process.


Keep a Relocation Checklist to Make Your Move Stress-Free

As one of the leading long distance movers in Florida and also because of our experience as Inter-state movers, we understand that moving is hectic. And that is why it is always helpful to create a moving checklist and break it into phases. This could be weekly or day wise to make sure your move is an Act of Class.

As of the top rated Inter-state movers in florida & fort Myers region, we also facilitate the clients with a storage space of 40,000 sqft., be it a residential move, commercial move to Naples or a Local move in any of the beach towns in Fort Myers region.

You can also speak to our Moving Consultants for moving tips or to request a free moving estimate. You can reach us on or speak to our representatives on (239) 249 3232.

28 Dec 2017
Movers in florida

Moving Guide to Movers in Florida

Florida is a beautiful place with vibrant beaches, progressive policies, education options and ample of fun & frolic to have a beautiful life. It is one of the most preferred state for people who seek a life of solace and balance. The cities offer such beauty in beaches and the absence of snow, increasing business & career opportunities work in the favor of state. But like every place on this planet, Florida too has got the Pros and Cons of its own.

Being a family owned moving company in southwest Florida and as one of the leading Local Movers in Naples and Fort Myers, we have been helping the movers in Florida with the basic but necessary queries which are involved in moving a residence or making a commercial move.

Pros and Cons of living in Florida.

Whether you are moving to southwest Florida or any other part of the state, majority pros and cons apply. You need to understand the perspective of pros and cons basis your routine life and may be how you see your life goals five years down the road. It could be weather, career, education and business avenues. It could also be your preferred state for the awesome senior moving and retired living options that Florida offers.

Pros of Florida Living

Movers in Florida

Let us begin with the advantages of moving to Florida. The state houses some beautiful beach towns and awesome city life but there are more than the eyes could see. The following are the Pros of Moving to Florida:

  • The major perk is there is No state income tax.
  • Lower housing costs than many parts of the country.
  • World class beach towns and outdoor recreation and entertainment.
  • The state is warm throughout the year and there is no snow.
  • The residents of Florida enjoy discounts to acclaimed local attractions.
  • Super cities for senior moving & communities for retired couples.

Cons of Florida Living

Also there are many people who loved the state and past few years decided otherwise and moved out of the state. Let us check out the reasons that might have worked against the state.

  • Hurricanes and extreme climate is not something everyone adjusts to.
  • Mountain lovers felt the state is flat & offers only.
  • Influx of tourists and part-time residents all throughout the year.
  • Higher Insurance costs.
  • Bugs, snakes and alligators. Yes, that is also a common reason why people move out.

Major Cities in Florida

Florida offers a variety to its residential movers as well as commercial movers. The cities are unique in themselves and offer different propositions. People have an option to choose between beach towns, city dwellers prefer the likes of Miami, Naples, similarly students, retired couples and part-timers choose the city basis their preferences for life, career, education etc.

Some of the popular cities of Florida state include:

Housing Possibilities in Florida

There are multiple reasons why people move to Florida. The love for beaches, nature lovers, summer lovers prefer it for beach life and the realtors are also making housing attractive for the dwellers as well as movers in Florida. Whether you are looking for a beach side villa or you are looking for a small downsize condo, you have the options available in Florida. That is one reason why Florida attracts a lot of residential movers in Fort Myers, Naples and the popular beach towns like Marco Island, Bonita springs etc.

The real estate market in Florida fluctuates basis the moving in and moving out of population at a given time. The real estate agents are updated and very helpful with such offers. Florida offers the best of options whether it is residential, commercial or assisted living in the state.

Weather in Florida

Many a times the love and hate relationship with Florida get established because of the weather conditions in Florida. The weather in Florida is extreme and it gets too humid around the beach towns making it difficult for the movers in Florida. People who are very sensitive to summer sun or develop skin issues usually end up moving out of Florida as the weather situations are extreme and needs time for adjustments.

Some regions demand AC all throughout the year and others are known to be the hurricane prone and demands the residents to be always active as they are staying in evacuation zone. Also the insurance costs go high in that case.

Though things are well administered and managed but some people love the beach weather and others give up on the weather.

Act of Class Moving Company is one of the top rated Local Movers in Fort Myers and Naples region of southwest Florida and can help people with their moving decisions, assisted living and you can request a free moving estimate.

You can reach us on (239) 249 3232 or write to


16 Nov 2017
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Seven Simple Ways to prepare yourselves and the Kids for the Big Move

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths”. – Walt Disney

What is home? Home is where family is. Of course, where you reside plays a major role in your day-to-day life & its many phases. Highlighting such significance, relocation or moving can be a rather physical and emotionally exhausting task, regardless the new destination. It embarks a major turning point for each and every member of the family, especially the kids.

Below are seven simple ways to prepare your kids & the family for a move:-

  1. Uphold Transparency about the Future

It is extremely important that you maintain honesty with your kids about moving. Consider discussing the matter with an open mind and an understanding attitude. They are bound to be cranky and repellent or furious when the news is broke to them, but they deserve the truth. Besides, it’s not a negative action that is to be commenced and so you need to make your off-springs gain that perspective, which will make them adaptive in nature (for the longer run).

  1. Encourage them to be involved in the process

The best way to inculcate interest and divert the kid’s minds’ onto positivity and excitement is by involving them in the journey and making them feel like they’re a significant part of the unit. You can initiate by appointing them as the in-house movers & assistants by making them do small jobs like packing their toys and personal belongings according to their whims & fancies. This would keep them occupied when in order to deal with the major transition.

  1. Seek Professional Guidance

Despite the efforts put in by the family, do not hesitate in approaching professional movers for commencing this job as they can help make the right space, manage an efficient time & serve duties as to the deadlines set by you. Some moving companies also help navigate the new area for various allied services like city orientation, school search, basic confectioneries, etc. that helps an easy and happy adaptation to a foreign environment!

  1. Choose the New House with proper consent of the entire family

Decision-making should be followed with a prominent say by each member of the family, even the kids. This comforts the family into realizing that the decision hasn’t been forced upon them & it is what they want as well. For instance, you can ask them to give out their opinion on the new place or permit the kids of selecting their preferable wall colors and designs for their room, etc.

  1. Be Creative! Make a Memory Board

Children love artistic things. If you plan on extending a long-distance move, it is unsaid on how overwhelmed with agony would you feel to have leaving your near & dear friends & family behind. At such a transitional point, help your kid celebrate it with joy. Make a collage of all the memorable moments with your friends & family and their (kids’) favorite people. This memory board can later be hanged in their room so as to make them feel happy and special.

  1. Be distinctively particular about handling the kids’ things’

Ensure that there is proper labeling on the boxes that belong to the children. This is because kids can be very particular about their toys when they want to play with it. Consider investing a mini backpack that your child can easily carry throughout the move. Here, they can keep their very favorites of all the toys they have that are bound to keep them busy while on the go.

  1. Be at Home!

It is very important that you hold the feeling of home when at this point as well. This means when you’re done with unpacking, do not forget to hang on display the various pictures and beautiful moments captured with your friends & family when while like in your previous home. This will initiate a sense of familiarity for the entire family and make you feel more welcome & adaptive.

Henceforth, it might take time to set things right before there’s ease in sustainability, but the effort will always be worth it! As much as an adventure it is to your kids, it is an experience you can’t reencounter yourself. So, make sure that you make the most of it!

You can write to us on for a customized moving quote for Moving Company in Fort Myers and Naples or you can speak to us for a perfect moving estimate on (239) 249 3232.

11 Nov 2017
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Act of class Moving Services takes the Stress out of Moving

Like every new experience that comes your way in life, even moving has its bits & pieces. Moving can, however, embark a sense of excitement in your life – while some may also see it as an unwelcoming event altogether. This can instigate stress about the various activities that should be taken care of in the process so as for a smooth commencement. But, it is entirely on you as to how you choose to lock away the stress and welcome positivity through this transition;

Research Well & Hire Professional Movers

The most primary step of this process is to hold a wholesome research of movers you wish to approach as in order to get your task done. You might have certain areas and parameters of judgment when in this situation. Make sure you enlist your aims & requirements and then initiate the procedure. Consider feedback from people around you and collect as many suggestions as possible. Furthermore, look up the internet and see what each movers’ company has to offer in order to draw a parallel comparison of your prospects.

Why Us?

  • We help you take a thorough Research

It is always important to do thorough research of your prospective destination before making stringent decisions of associating it to your future. Moreover, it feels confident to be prepared. For instance, search for the nearby restaurants, schools, malls, shopping complexes & street markets in the area so as to feel familiar and glad to settle your roots down.

  • We draw Plans

Act of Class believes that plan is the most significant element in the moving process. Pending things for a last minute is never a good idea. Always try to plan ahead of time & seek professional guidance if you feel off track. Planning and organizing a schedule helps you save time, energy & money under all circumstances come what may. It also maintains a system on which the movers can abide, which is solely set with your individualistic consent and requirements.

  • We Value

We value you as a person prior being a prospective customer. We understand that each and every item that resides at home holds prominent value, which is why we formulate various distinctive methods as in order to collect & transfer these valuables to your desired venue in accordance to their proper handling & material type. Also, proper packaging and labeling is provided given the circumstances.

Stress can be caused in this situation due to the triggered anxiety because of a major transition that is bound to affect all areas of your life in many ways. There are various personal steps that you might want to take in order to see the silver lining more clearly and swipe the anxiety away;

  • It is a new beginning than an ending, which gives you an opportunity to make new memories & meet new people.
  • Don’t forget to make specific plans with your oldies & host a fabulous “Welcome to the New Home” party to celebrate life.
  • Establish your prospective routines and shape yourself each way you have always wanted to!
  • Adopt the righteous attitude about your decision. Always remember to be confident about your opinions & out front about the things that fear you – because these are the things that keep you away from where you belong.

Henceforth, learn to enjoy life as it comes & push the stress away!

You can write to us on for a customized moving quote for Moving Company in Fort Myers and Naples or you can speak to us for a perfect moving estimate on (239) 249 3232.

25 Oct 2017
Moving services in Fort Myers

7 Points to consider in choosing the Residential Movers in Naples (Fort Myers)

Moving is an arduous task when it comes to planning & execution; and because it require an efficient management of such tasks, the workforce you choose for your moving process should be able to grant you with your requirements to put worth to each penny. For this process to work, you primarily need to get some details right at your end. These include:

  • Is your destination Local or International? Define the distance to an apt approximate.
  • Set a Budget for the entire process in order to avoid extra costs.
  • Request a Moving Estimate Price before the project begins.
  • Understand the types of Movers that you require.


Once you are through with the above details, it is time you start looking around for the right movers’ company. However, what points should you consider whilst choosing the Residential Movers?

  1. Insurance & Licensing

The most primary statement of choice is that the company you plan to work with should have a legit license for functioning. A licensed company is bound to offer insurance although they are not directly or theoretically linked.

  1. Enquire about the Company

It is important that you completely check through the service history of the company to be sure. Read customer reviews, collect feedback & acknowledge their time duration in the industry.

  1. Conclude to a Final Estimate & Record it

You should formulate an estimate from your prospective company of choice. This should include everything from garage, backyards, around the furniture & every piece of storage to ensure that the cost does not exceed the budget set.

  1. Integrate the Project Plan in coordination with the Company

Try to keep a track of the men that would be assigned to fulfill your task & keep their records. Formulate a timeline in order to meet deadlines.

  1. Maintain Transparency & Observe their Responses

You should make sure the mover is wholly aware of every item that needs to be moved. The estimate is bound to cover everything that needs to be transported, packaged & moved and hence if there is addition of more items than expected – it might increase shipment costs. Be sure to observe the company as it handles such chaotic situations or enquire about the same prior commencing the project.

  1. Equipments & Technology

In today’s time, it is important that the company you want to initiate your project with offers you with adequate technology that is required in handled-transporting & management of your items regardless of their shapes & sizes. It saves time and man-effort, thus increasing productivity.

  1. Notice the Punctuality & Diligent Attitude during Completion of Legalities

A legal contract is issued between the mover and customer, called the bill of lading that gives a brief of your entire contract. This embarks the professionalism of the company. It includes-

  • Name & Address of the Mover
  • Time of Pickup
  • Payment form that the company accepts
  • Minimum& Maximum amounts to be Paid
  • Date of Commencement, etc.

Henceforth – despite obstacles – if you choose the right company, you will enjoy the process of moving; such that you would only feel refreshed & enthusiastic about a new beginning than reminiscing the past.

You can write to us on for a customized moving quote for Moving Company in Fort Myers and Naples or you can speak to us for a perfect moving estimate on (239) 249 3232.

12 Oct 2017
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What to look for while choosing the Moving Company in Fort Myers, Naples and other beach towns in Florida?

Moving can be a rather hefty task when the time comes. To serve the best of this purpose – you should look for the moving company that helps you fit all your pieces to place. If you were to, you could google a trillion options on the web. However, it can be a strenuous task to let random movers handle your antiques & precious. As a family owned moving company in Florida, we know the kind of competition we have on google but in experience, technical know-how & expertise, we are just the best choice.

Long distance & distinctive terrain moving can however, be a challenging task. It can be a complete change of environment. And with situations of moving in Beach Towns, the company you aim for should be systematic and coherent.

Below are some handy tips to take into consideration for selecting the right Moving Company:-

  • Experience

For how long as a company been in business? An original record of experience in the profession tells a lot about the efficiency of service executed by that company. Experience also explains the expertise of workforce like the various techniques that can be used to move specific items with respective instruments and machinery.

  • Insurance

Always make sure that the company you approach for moving is insured. All your precious items and boxes should be covered prior the process starts to maintain safety.

  • Licensing

Each company has a unique license number issued by the department of transport services. Always make sure that the company you retrieve work from is legally registered and licensed to provide services to the consumer. If you plan on moving inter-state, it demands a different license than that for regionally. These points are vital to be taken into account for the process. And that is why an experienced Moving Company which is perfect long-distance mover is very much required.

  • Research Online

Never hesitate in researching about the company you’re interested in. Read reviews & look up the social media for better reference.

  • Time Management

Make sure that the movers you’re interested in follow a stringent time table for your work. It is very important to keep a tab of time in order to manage deadlines. This also boosts the morale if the work is completed before-hand & shows organizational skills.

  • Social Responsibilities & Community Roles

Each company follows a social responsibility that it holds towards the society. The primary reason this matters is that it reflects the accountability they personally hold with the potential consumer. It signifies a committed bond that the company holds with the customer.

  • Cost Effective

Moving companies can be expensive. However, if the quality of service is up to the mark; the consumer willingly pays. The company you are interested in should have reasonable prices within the prospective budget. This adds as a plus point and makes you believe that each penny invested is worth it!

  • Upgraded Technology

Moving companies require the latest technology involvement for better performance. This includes equipments for carrying and transporting the boxes & various other items. It also includes the trucks and other vehicles that are to be used in order to transport them from one location to another.

Moving can only be truly successful if the items are properly packed. Boxes, tapes & ropes are also required for a firm & effective packaging. Some movers offer this service as well. There are, however, a number of flexible movers that serve at fair prices within good deals. From reliable transportation to quality assistance & service, review wisely & choose the best!

You can write to us on for a customized moving quote for Moving Company in Fort Myers and Naples or you can speak to us for a perfect moving estimate on (239) 249 3232.

03 Oct 2017
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Why we are the Best Local Movers in Naples?

Act of Class Moving Company is invariably the best and most preferred local moving company in Naples Florida. We did a short survey recently to ask our customers who have been associated with us, have been referring us always and have been gracious to help us spread our services and reach out the maximum number of movers in Naples, whether they are university movers, retiring couples, senior citizens or those who are here to seek professional opportunities – the commercial movers in Naples.

We asked them the reasons on various parameters and here is what we could extract out as the reasons which make us the Best Local Movers in Naples.

  • Professional & Thoughtful

The first and foremost reason why our customers gave us positive reviews is for the reason that they found the process professional and transparent. Right from requesting a moving quote, to understanding the scope of work, member count as in they would be dealing with seniors, kids during the move – everything was professional, organized and thoughtful.

The simplified the moving process and this in turn made the entire moving experience easy and approachable.

  • Courteous & Careful

We are happy to have a wonderful team. We always get a pat on back, a happy note and special mention of our team. They certainly make the Local Moving in Naples convenient and cake walk. Phil and his team make the brand proud and also keeps us motivated as the leading Local Moving company in Naples, Florida.

Our men at work are especially careful and duly trained on customer engagement & experience tactic whether is residential moving or commercial moving in Naples.

  • Timeliness & Accommodative

We make it a point that timelines are important. Considering the weather conditions, the time zone in Naples, it is very important to start the moving service in time. Also we understand that moving too has opportunity cost for almost all of our clients.

  • Packing & Unpacking

We are careful and organized with our packings. A client mentioned, that “I have the act of class moving team my kitchen to start packing with – and I knew that my kitchen had quite substantial amount of kitchen ware, delicate culinary, equipment etc. and they packed it with such grace that I was sure – it will be smooth unpack & move to Naples”. The boys were equally organized and quick in unpacking and this was my best moving experience so far – especially with the kids.

  • Detailing to the Task

Right from the moving estimate, to working on the detailed moving quote for moving in Naples, we take care of detailing – in process and in execution. It enables transparency and thereby trust.

  • Fair & Honest

We are a family owned Moving Company in Naples and we know that people put in their trust with us when they hire us. This is because of the principles set decades ago that we ensure each team member lives by. We take pride in being rated and ranked as the Leading Local movers in Naples and we make sure we are always worthy of all those ranks.

  • Stretched without Complaining

This is all because of our partners, who believe that customer is the king. And that is the reason we make sure that little bit of stretching always pays off – whether or not monetarily.  And that is one reason, what makes us the preferred Local Movers in Naples. We do it all with great professionalism and make sure that we offer a fantastic service.

So if you are looking for Local Movers in Naples, for Residential Moving Services or Moving a Commercial Real Estate, we are just a call way. You can write to us on for a customized moving quote for Local Moving Services in Naples or you can speak to us for a perfect moving estimate on (239) 249 3232.

14 Sep 2017
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Advantages of Hiring Local Movers in Fort Myers / Naples and surrounding beach towns.

We have been reading about South West Florida as the cone of concern for hurricane Irma and there are alerts that it might hit North Fort Myers, Naples and Cape Coral in a day or 2. We being a family owned business completely understand the panic situation we feel as it certainly leads to loss of time, business & peace of mind.

Act of Class being one of the Trusted Local Movers of Fort Myers is concerned and having seen so many hurricanes like situations in the past, we know how to face the challenging times with sporting & supporting spirit. Our men at work are locals and that is why our moving services have advantages over other moving company in Fort Myers/Naples or Cape Coral.

Moving requires a lot of work on any day, the natural calamity like situations further stress the movers and also those who get hit by such calamities and end up making losses –be it residential or the small business owners around beach.

As business owners ourselves, we understand that If we do all the things by our own then sometimes becomes hectic and derails the daily routine of businesses as well as homeowners.

However, it is always better to have an expert. If we hire act of class moving company, the trusted local movers in Fort Myers, then moving will be easy and stress-free. Place like Florida which is prone to natural calamities and for a new resident is not an easy task to shift by yourself, also it is a pressing task to manage everything all together.

We are a Local Moving Company in Fort Myers and are absolutely familiar about all the weather condition of Fort Myers and surrounding beach towns of SWFL like Naples, Cape Coral etc. Because of the constant alerts of Hurricane Irma this weekend, when people are asked to evacuate the place of sight within two days we have decided to give 25% Off on moving services for the victims of hurricane IRMA in Fort Myers, Naples and Cape Coral.

Here are few advantages of having a Local Mover in Fort Myers/Naples:


When moving by yourself, you have other things also to be done on time but hiring a professional you have to set only date and time for everything to be done with care. Everything will be done without any last minute issues or changes. You have to plan for other things like travel, transfers of schools, colleges, office, local transportation etc.

Insurance of Belongings

Packing by yourself can damage the precious belongings be it the electronics items, the antiques and the piano etc., but by the movers all your belongings will be insured, so in case of any mishap you are covered. They help you to relocate your belonging with no surprise. You will be stress free and relieved by the fact that if any problem arise then the movers are there to help you. They will not leave the house until the job is done rightly.

Proper Equipment

Some tools are essential for smooth moving and these are not always available by you and if you have taken these on rent then renting out them is just wastage of time and money. On the other hand, professionals have all the tools for packing and unpacking without any extra cost. They unscrew and screw the furniture and delicate items with ease. They relocate the things the way you want. The moving consultant at Act of Class Movers will provide the solutions on packing, unpacking, from assembling to reassembling.

Money saver

Moving by yourself require extra supplies such as cardboard boxes, bubble wrap or major tools. Professional moving companies already have all of these items at their disposal for you to utilize. If you have any two wheeler or cycles of kids then you do not have to hire another means of transport, they make space for these also. So you can save your money. And as a responsible Local Movers in Fort Myers, we always extend the discounts during natural calamities as a gesture towards social responsibility.

Lifting at floors

Moving large and heavy furniture alone can be difficult as well as dangerous but professionals know all the angles and moves without any hassle. They have done this several times and are experienced in doing all these so we do not have to use our muscle power in relocating the heavy furniture. They ensure that every piece of furniture is in its proper place and every box is in its matching room. So you just have to use your energy in decorating the house.

Excuse free

During move your friends and relatives will not have to think of different excuses to avoid helping since professionals give quality of service and personalized attention to everything. They do the things according to you. you can pay them extra for extra work done like installation of cabinets and drawers in kitchen and bathrooms. For Cleaning house and lawn, we do not require any family member to bother them, so they are also happy with this.

Weather resistant

During bad climate you do not have to worry about your belongings, professionals have air bags, fully covered trucks, and safeguards. In case of any worst condition truck will remain at the safe place till the conditions become normal, and they will not charge extra for this. And we always offer the best moving estimates for local moving services in Fort Myers, Naples and Cape Coral.

For more details on discounts or to request a personalized moving estimate from, Act of Class, the best Local Movers in Fort Myers, Naples & Cape Coral, call us on, +239 249 3232 or visit,

30 Aug 2017
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Why Moving to Fort Myers Florida is the best decision for Residential Movers


Fort Myers nestles a wide variety of towns, natural areas and beaches. It is also very approachable from any part of Florida – whether airport or drive.

Infrastructure is excellent here and after renovation of the city-center waterfront the city promises new restaurants, clubs, shops and galleries etc. The place is naturally divine and offers certain calmness despite the everyday hustle. You will find a number of real estate associates saying that ‘Fort Myers is the place where people come to vacation’. Now isn’t that the reason itself for people to move to the sunny & vibrant Fort Myers!

Life Quality & Nature as Neighborhood

For those who love nature and its vicinity Fort Myers is the place. When we move residential movers to Fort Myers, the most excited moment in their eyes is when they are told that two of the top 3 beaches in Florida are within an hour’s drive from the city. Naples and Sanibel Island are the favorites among the young university movers as well as retiring couples who choose Fort Myers as their retirement house or for assisted living.

Better Standard of Living

There is no state income tax in Florida that means more savings and better investments. Other to this too the cost of living in Fort Myers is almost 5% below the national average. Further the real estate development, recreational centers are generating better employment opportunities and thereby leading to better standard of living.

Sports Fan and Fitness

Fort Myers offers plenty of sports for sport lovers and it is the sports loving population that works for the better health graphs for the residents of Fort Myers. Whether it is the training facilities, league hockey teams or the college basketball games of Gulf Coast University – Fort Myers offers ample of sport love and thereby fitness.

Professional Community

One reason why Fort Myers is a developing professional community because of the growing number of corporations are choosing Fort Myers as the preferred destination to be head quartered at. The Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce holds regular networking opportunities for young professionals. The regular networking events cater to business networking for all segments like Women in Business, Young professionals or startups thereby making Fort Myers as the favorite for Residential Movers in Florida.

Recreation and Shopping

Fort Myers has many beautiful homes. The population includes well educated, financially secure people who own homes in Fort Myers. The business and recreation centers, shopping places offer variety and substance. If you are not a shopping lover and prefer recreation or water activities, the city of Fort Myers offer water activities, fishing excursions, jet boat tours, kayak rentals and most of these are available around the year. This makes Fort Myers full of life and best option for the Residential Movers in Florida.

We have been helping number of Residential Movers in Fort Myers, Naples and other beach towns of Florida and we as a trusted moving company with over 20 years’ experience of being a family owned business in the city of Fort Myers can say it confidently that none of the residential movers in fort myers have any complaints of their decision. And their happiness is the reason we decided to write a post to help the residential movers in Florida.

Further if you seek any moving quote or moving estimate for retired living, assisted living or commercial moving to move your business to one of the hustling business centers in Fort Myers or planning to be a university mover in one of the leading college or university, drop us an email to or call 239-249-3232. Let us make your next move an Act of Class.

01 Aug 2017
Long Distance Movers Naples, Florida | Act of class the Mover

Local Naples Movers for Long Distance Moves

Moving can be a rather hefty task. However, with a formerly integrated plan and an efficient workforce – it can be fun! Moving situations vary from individual to individual with accordance to the duration set, the goods to be transferred & the distance to be moved. These are the basic parameters affecting the workforce; equipments required, setting budgets & timeline management. (more…)

28 Jul 2017
Residential and Commercial Movers In Naples, fort myers

Furniture Movers in Naples

Moving can be rather an irksome task to perform for an individual. It can be hectic, exhausting and very time-consuming. However, by adopting the right methods, formulating organized plans & keeping a prompt track of timelines you can avoid long-drawn-out results.
What are the most common troubles/obstacles one fears even at the thought of moving?

11 Sep 2015
How to find Quality movers- Naples movers

​How to ​​Find a Quality Mover in Florida?

Act of Class Movers is a 20+ year old moving company and has been helping individuals, businesses, residential and senior movers across the state of Florida. The idea of doing this post is to help the movers establish a checklist for choosing the right moving company for a safe and loss free move. The state of Florida has defined certain rules, membership associations etc to help the mover make a selection. And that is always recommended to each mover. The checklist should include:


03 Sep 2015
local movers naples, fort myers

Why Act of Class Movers is the best Moving Company for seniors in Fort Myers!

Senior Housing is fast becoming a popular norm in Fort Myers Florida. It is estimated that Fort Myers Florida offers more than 15 independent living, senior apartments and retirement communities for the retiring couples. The city offers lot of options and facilitation for the senior population – be it housing, assisted living, nursing homes, care homes, advisers or independent living options.


26 Aug 2015
Hugging Senior Couple In Room Looking at Moving Boxes on the Florida

Senior Moving Services and Assisted Living in Florida

We all agree that moving is a challenging task and moving for Senior Citizens requires extra care, lot of support and personalized attention. For Senior Moving Services not only the packages but even the team needs certain behavioral skill set for most of the movers who subscribe for Assisted Living or Moving seek emotional support and patience during the move.

Be it Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero or other towns of Florida, Retirement relocation is popular. Naples is also a preferred second home for most of the movers and that is why Act of Class came up with the exclusive services for Senior Movers and Assisted Living Movers.


24 Jul 2015
Moving services in Fort Myers | Movers Naples

Why do Professionals prefer Moving to Naples?

Our clients and customers who are moving to beach towns, the retirement couples and sometimes even the families who are making a move ask us – why Naples is a the town for working professionals & youth. The reasons are professional too, people who are career driven, have ambitions of work & business and those who plan to study further for regular growth in their careers – choose Naples over other states.


07 Jul 2015
Moving services in Fort Myers,

Moving to Naples, Florida – Guiding tips from Act of Class

READY? You are going to read about Naples, Florida, a beautiful sunshine filled beach town. And there are chances that you will quickly ask us about moving packages to Naples, Florida. So what are the reasons which make Naples a favorite for movers? And besides, most of our clients who have moved to Naples with Act of Class as their moving consultants are just so happy about it. Here are the reasons why our clients are just so happy about moving to Naples:


06 Jul 2015
Sarasota movers | Residential moving services in naples

The Expert Sarasota Movers

The Dependable Moving Company for Sarasota Movers, making your next move an ‘Act of Class

Sarasota is a paradise for the beach lovers. It is ‘the beach town’ for those who love water fronts and truly believe that life is a beach. (more…)

06 Jul 2015
Actof class - Commercial moving services in Naples,

Are you planning to move to a Beach Town?

There is a lot been said & talked about moving to a beach town. We are surrounded by beaches and I can vouch that it is way better than any kind of city life. Moving to Fort Myers is been one of the best thing my forefathers must have done. The place is surrounded with beautiful beaches and seaside locations and this is one of the best things I suppose which has happened to me. (more…)

10 Mar 2015
Residential Moving Company in naples- Act of class


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10 Mar 2015
Residential and commercial moving services in Naples

Rights and Responsibilities

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10 Mar 2015
Residential and commercial moving services in Naples

Short Haul

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10 Mar 2015
Residential and commercial moving services in Naples


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10 Mar 2015

Rights and Responsibilities

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10 Mar 2015

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10 Mar 2015


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10 Mar 2015
services - Storage and Moving Servives in Naples movers

Rights and Responsibilities

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10 Mar 2015
services - Storage and Moving Servives in Naples movers

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10 Mar 2015
services - Storage and Moving Servives in Naples movers


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10 Mar 2015
Residential Moving Company in naples- Act of class

Rights and Responsibilites

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10 Mar 2015
Residential Moving Company in naples- Act of class

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04 Mar 2015


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