Moving Tips

Moving works well with a right plan, organized packing and hence, easy unpacking. We asked our customers, what were their first thoughts when they realized, they have to Move?

The answers were:

  • Tedious
  • Time Consuming Chore
  • Fragile Goods
  • Safety

Act of Class offers, Moving Tips & Hints – to make sure that you move most peacefully.

Before you MOVE

  1. Decide on the date, when you are moving and ascertain the duration you have for moving. Make a plan with timelines.
  2. Look for an experienced, affordable moving company which can offer a service like an Act of Class and make it a swift & smooth shift. Ask for the moving quote after explaining your needs.
  3. It is always recommended to keep transparency, please explain the moving consultant about the goods which are to be moved, specify the heavy goods, the fragile items, antiques, books etc.
  4. Specify if you will need any additional Storage Space for a short duration, during the shift or for a little longer until you settle in the new place.


Team Act of Class has streamlined, #7 Packing Tips which are a must for all.

  1. Be Proactive and start packing well in advance. Make a to-do list and start sorting your stuff accordingly. Make sure what all you plan to take along and keep aside the stuff you wish to re-cycle, give away etc.
  2. Keep these safe: We mean keep the valuables, cash, jewelry, law abiding goods – like firearms, your personal collection of memoirs, medical documents, routine medicines etc with you while you are on the move.
  3. Packing Material: Now arrange for the right packing material – in size and in quantity. Get all the packing material right – from boxes, cartons, bubble wraps, gum tapes etc. We recommend packing room by room for easy unpacking.
  4. While packing carton boxes, make sure that the heavy material goes to the bottom. Cushion the boxes equally for the angles to avoid breakage of any kind. You can stuff the softer, lighter goods on the top of heavy good but make sure you do not overfill a carton.
  5. Fragile Goods, Culinary, Decorative and Antiques shall be carefully bubble-wrapped and filled with lot of newspapers or Cotton or clothes to provide a cushion so that they remain safe in transit. Also note the electronic goods should be packed each together – so that there is no confusion with wires, accessories or plugs at the time of unpack.
  6. Do not pack anything which is flammable, or might get leak in the transit. According to the law also, moving flammables is forbidden.
  7. The last one, put labels on each & every carton for proper unpacking. Also this saves a lot of time & effort and helps you settle soon in the new place.

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