Moving Services in Sanibel Islands, Florida

Moving Services in Sanibel Islands, Florida

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Situated on the Sanibel Island of Florida, Sanibel is the city of beaches brimming of shells via the Gulf of Mexico. It is a home to distinctive bird species like pelicans and ospreys, etc. It also witnesses variant flora and fauna, enhancing the rich ecosystem therein. The Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation is a preserved form of wetland along the Sanibel River.Very popular among the nature lover, bird watchers and those who prefer moving to a secluded retired home or those who keep moving in & out of Sanibel for their various projects – the island is the place chosen by the movers for their me time when they need to concentrate on just the task at hand with zero distractions.

Sanibel is known for the beautiful homes & condos established on the island. It has mesmerizing gulf-views and glorifying cottages and estates as well. The primary attraction of this place is the extensively sandy beaches at relatively longer stretches and evidently crashing surf, like the Bowman’s Beach which is one of the most secluded beaches and is a brilliant spot for shell-collectors!

Sanibel’s naive habitat is a hub of potential adventures that makes it a dynamic place to settle in and reside!

Act of Class Moving Services is a well-known, family-owned set up that has been running progressively across southwest Florida. On gaining experiences with variant customers from distinctive areas, we have enhanced our moving processes and upgraded ourselves on technical side to provide top-notch, best services for commercial and residential moving even to the beach towns and island areas amidst Southwest Florida. We are pocket-friendly and make sure that your goods are handled, packed and moved safely, just the way you wish. And this dedication and promise to self makes us the most trusted local movers in Fort Myers and Naples region.

Residential Movers in Sanibel

Moving processes for residential shifting purposes is a rather transforming one. It not only affects you emotionally but also plays a significant role in meddling with your budget, making a transparent quote, filling in the details of each element that makes your residence a home. This is why we believe, it is essential to invest in a moving company that makes your money worth the moving decision. We always ask our clients to do a background check and may be compare moving quotes to make sure that they are planning their move with the right people.At Act of Class, one of the best moving company in Sanibel, we follow a step-by-step moving procedure for your residential move. We ensures that the deadlines are met and your residential move in Sanibel is commenced and completed with ease and convenience. We have special provisions for residential movers with kids and seniors.

Storage Services in Sanibel

Storage-related moving projects are of a high appeal for the movers in Sanibel. This could be because of the industries that propagate locally or the factory set-ups. The real estate chart states that people are highly intrigued by the properties in this area – increasing the possibilities of a moving post purchase. This means that the company chosen should offer all types of storage facilities that focus on being customer-centric.
Act of Class moving company caters to almost 40,000 sqft. Storage areas across southwest Florida thereby helping both the local as well as Long distance movers with their storage requirements.

Local Moving Services in Sanibel

The key elements of any local moving company encompasses of the following:

  • Moving and Propelling
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • De-assembling & Re-assembling
  • Delivery – if required pre or post the move
  • Ease of executing the move for special goods like Piano Moving, Hot Tub Moving or moving the antiques and furniture.

The destination, however, can vary according to the customers. For example, some customers seek naive apartment movers while some might need specialised assistance like that of piano or hot-tub movers, etc. Here, we provide distinctive services precisely in accordance to our customer with extremely planned, climate controlled storage and best management facilities. That is why we are considered as best local movers in sanibel florida.

Commercial Movers in Sanibel

Commercial moving services in Sanibel or elsewhere is like rendering a professional and highly organized form of moving where the customer is bind to authorities for accountability and so it should be righteously handled. We understand your situation and so we have regulated checking of all your office documents to ensure timely move with absolute safety.

Commercial moving can also take place within an organization, also termed as Cubicle Moving. Our staff is trained as such that it apprehends your responsibilities to be theirs as they work for you. We cater to small office moving services, cubicle moving as well as the large Corporate movers in Sanibel.

The use of latest moving equipment makes the moving process easy and efficient. Follow up and contact Act of Class for any moving-related queries and if you require to utilize our services, feel absolutely free to approach us – request / call a quote now.

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Stephen Erskine

I hired Act of Class to move my Nana’s antique armoire to my new home. It was the only furniture I wanted to taken with me when I moved out of my parent’s house. They have a special service for moving these types of items to make sure that they are protected. The supervisor assured me the movers would arrive at the house and pack the armoire themselves, as this would give them the assurity that it can be handled safely. The armoire was loaded into the moving van and arrived right on time at my house. There wasn’t even a single scratch on it. It’s important you get insurance for it before handing it to the movers. However, I knew that Act of Class would do a great job in handing the antique safely. Very happy with their service!

Jack Fleming

The first time I hired Act of Class was when my parents decided to buy themselves a new house. It was a very sweet gesture, them transferring the old house to me, one I was not expecting. So, I decided to take care of the move. I searched on the internet and found Act of Class. They had such great reviews on Google, so I decided to hire them. They were very friendly when I called them and booked me immediately. The movers arrived on time and assured me that everything would be packed and unpacked according to my parent’s specification. Fast forward one year and I hired them again when my fiancé moved in with me. The welcome was still warm and the service superb. They really know how to treat a customer. Their two best assets are promptness and their skills in packing.

Sharon Nade

Act of Class is the best moving company I have had the pleasure of working with. The day the closing papers on our old house were finally signed, I gave the company the go ahead to start moving my belongings. I had booked their services one week before the move and without a reminder; they arrived at the house right on time. Some of the furniture and belongings had to be delivered to my new office. They took care of both jobs at the same time and did so efficiently. Everything arrived safely according to the checklist.

Susan Howard

We would highly recommend this moving company!! Jules and Josh were super amazing!! They moved our apartment in less than four hours on Saturday but were needed elsewhere so they came back on Sunday to empty our storage unit without complaint!!! Super friendly and professional! Decent price and well worth it!!!

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