Moving Services in Cape Coral, Florida

Moving Services in Cape Coral, Florida

Movers in Cape coral

Cape Coral is titled the water paradise of Florida – located in Southwest Florida. Cape Coral, Florida certainly is your place to be if you’re fond of boating, fishing, golfing & swimming, etc. It is covered with beautiful, scorching sun during the day & alluring sunsets by the evening. Cape Coral is said to be home to one of the best accommodations ranging from decorated motels & resorts to hotels and the fabulous Bread & Breakfast. It is full of a vast variety of restaurants and deliciously enticing ice-cream parlours & so on. Cape Coral is bound to offer you a laid-back lifestyle of quality. Check out what Act of Class moving company offers as the,

Local Movers in Cape Coral

Act of Class Moving is a family owned business, with over 20 years of combined industry knowledge and experience. Over the years we have explored, experienced and have improved our moving services for residential and commercial movers across Southwest Florida. We have been moving the families, university students, young professionals, entrepreneurs, Veterans, retirees and also those who chose Cape Coral as their second home. We are one of the most affordable movers in Cape Coral.  This has allowed us to maintain our position in the # 1 rated local movers category.  Cape Coral is currently the top boom town in the United States and we are well positioned to accommodate the city’s explosive growth.

Residential Movers in Cape Coral

To move from one residence to another is like a massive shift of comfort zone altogether. Valuing your emotions and transitional changes that come forth – Act of Class Moving Company in Cape Coral intends to ensure that your residential move happens safe and easy. A pre-personalized plan is made, formulated on the basis of the quantity of material to be shifted, the destination’s parameters and the quote is discussed and approved by your personalized moving consultant. This helps assess and ascertain the various requirements as per the days of action. And this pre-planning and sense of security makes us the Most trusted Residential Movers in Cape Coral. We are one of the best affordable movers in Cape Coral.

Corporate Relocation in Cape Coral

When you are to move locally amidst a city, a lot of elements must be taken into consideration. These range from pick up & packing to loading / unloading. Act of class also offers an efficient moving consultation so as to serve you with the best.Especially for Corporate Relocation – whether it is a small team or a team of hundreds – team Act of Class Moving can manage & coordinate in the assembling and re-assembling of your corporate house. We understand the precision required in handling of office electronics, cubicles etc.

Commercial Movers in Cape Coral

Commercial Moving Services in Cape Coral are also required for moving the hotels, motels, bread & breakfast etc. A lot of it is required when these tourists and guests centric properties go for renovation. We understand the requisites like specialised furniture moving and antique moving services skill that are expected. Act of Class moving services in Cape Coral is well trained and equipped to make your Hotel/Motel move smooth and swift. This means that each and every piece of furniture that you possess is taken into consideration and handled with extreme care. Suitable equipments are purchased and relevant labour is hired so as to meet the needs of the customers.

Office Movers in Cape Coral

There are three basic keys to Office Moving: encumbrance, answerability & fidelity. Goods in context to offices involve heaps of documents, stationary & various other office supplies. It also encompasses of computer machineries, printers and other hardware assets that play a significant role in the functioning of the organization.

Act of Class is one of the most affordable movers in Cape Coral. It is pocket-friendly and makes each penny worth the investment. We also offer senior moving services to make sure of the best Senior Assisted Living Facilities in the city.

There is specialized, climate-controlled storage for each and every type of client. Pricing precisely, however, distinctively depends the amount of boxes and items in need of storage.

Moving goes hand-in-hand with redesigning and doing a complete makeover of the place of your destination and relocation! This is exactly why each decision you make in context to this is a step-by-step procedure. Let’s have a look on how our Moving Consultants work on the Best Moving Quotes in Cape Coral.

  • We assess your place of relocating
  • Understand the facilities available and those which will be required.
  • Formulate a Budget that you are willing to hold for investing in the moving procedure.
  • Depute a moving consultant for your move.
  • Check about utilities offered and additional requisites if any.
  • Set a Deadline.
  • Keep track of the activities under the process.
  • Moving In

Our moving consultant – helps constitute and create a moving document with a proper list of movables, along with timelines.
Henceforth, all the elements stated above are a crisp and summarized version of the insights of moving processes as commenced for any residential, commercial or office move in Cape Coral, Florida.

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Gino and Dino were excellent movers. They took their time and took great pride in ensuring all our furniture was delivered in perfect condion. They both were exceptional in customer service and informative the entire day. 100% recommend this company and these two employees to any individuals moving.

Steve Wagner, Fort Myers


Act of Class Moving, their name says it all! We have done our fair share of moves over the years and had to deal with the inevitable issues that come with moving. You can be sure that nothing ever goes perfect, especially when moving is concerned. The most important thing is what happens when issues arise and how are they handled. From the beginning of our move to the end, Act of Class did everything they said they would do and then some. They were very accommodating when we needed additional services. Their entire team, from their owner, Phillip, office manager, Amanda, to their delivery crew did everything they could to make sure we were happy and satisfied. In fact, they went above and beyond. Their prices are reasonable and their commitment to satisfying their customer was exemplary. We would highly recommend them when you are considering a moving company.

Barry Lukatch, Fort Myers


Outstanding. They were professional, responsive, and competitive. The crew was on time, friendly, and extremely competent. The best move I’ve had. Highly recommended! Addendum - after our furniture was in storage for 7 months while the house was renovated, the team delivered it to the house with the same professionalism, timeliness, and quality. Great movers!

Greg Steiner, Fort Myers


Terrific service, fast response. Price was lower than expected and a great experience. Def would hire again!

Victoria Monfort, Fort Myers

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