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“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustav FlaubertMoving to Punta Gorda comes obvious to the people who love beauty. Punta Gorda, a beautiful city located in Charlotte County of Florida. Back in 1800s, budding and early settlers began to arrive and dwell on the land. It lies on the southern banks of the Peace River, on the arm of the Gulf of Mexico. It has a pleasant-like, year-round climate with a remarkably friendly hospitality! It has humungous range of best restaurants with miles of resplendent sandy beaches, making it an ideal utopia of holiday and residences. It is also a preferred moving destination for retirement homes and offers most of the Senior Moving facilities.

Punta Gorda is home to an exotic realm of flora and fauna. There are elusive panthers, exotic tropical birds & alligators, etc. amidst the vast acres of trails, swamps & wildlife reserves. The name of this city is derived from the Spanish Language which technically means “Fat Point”, cementing out within the Charlotte Harbour, under US’s Largest Natural Harbours. It offers a distinctively vast commercial arena; however distribution services, hospitality, real estate & tourism, etc.

Residential Moving Services in Punta Gorda

Act of Class Moving Company offers all around moving services, be it residential or commercial. The set of moving services includes packing to unpacking & reinstalling. Our team is trained to make sure that all residential goods & utilities are moved carefully without any stress to the clients. We are one of the best movers Punta Gorda.

Special care &facilities are provided to families with seniors and children. Our moving team is simply the best when it comes to managing the move for residences. They will help you move the household quickly without much of a hassle. The packaging is always swift labeled and organized – making the unpacking easier and swift.

Request a quote now for your next residential Movers in Punta Gorda, call: (239)249 3232. We can help you with moving a house, an apartment, a condo and also a senior living facility.

Commercial Movers in Punta Gorda

Commercial Movers in  Punta Gorda are available for all set of commercial centres. Whether you are looking for any Office Movers in Punta Gorda, Commercial Centre moving, Moving a Store or Moving a Corporate – Act of Class Moving services can help. Special care is being taken for Moving a Hotel or Moving a Restaurant in Punta Gorda.

Our Commercial Moving team is well versed with commercial moving services and executes each move with a lot of detailing and precision.
Our packaging material is also appropriately suitable for making the moves easy and faster for all the commercial moves. Our moving team is capable of moving the small offices to small and large corporate relocations in Punta Gorda.

Storage Services in Punta Gorda

Being a family owned moving business, Act of Class Moving services have ample of storage facilities across the Fort Myers and Naples region. Movers who are looking for Storage Solutions in Punta Gorda, can count on us for short as well as long-term storage options together with safekeeping options for important household and commercial articles.

Our moving consultants will help you with storage facilities for special goods of home like the antiques, décor pieces etc., also the safekeeping storage options can be availed for delicate electronic goods like files, electronics items etc.

We make sure that the storage areas are well protected, insured and do not cause any damage to your belongings.

We ensure that our Storage solutions are absolutely climate controlled and ensure damage free Move from delivery to storage and then from re-delivery out of storage.

Specialty Goods Movers in Punta Gorda

Punta Gorda is known for year-round pleasant climate, beautiful picturesque landscapes and it also houses the best of hotels, leisure stays and recreational places for nature & leisure loving movers.

That also makes Punta Gorda a house for specialty goods – ranging from the antiques, the Pianos, Hot tubs for the lawns and also the Pool tables making the job even more responsible for the movers operating in the region.

The specialty goods services include: handling, dismantling, moving together with dismantling specialty goods without any damage.

Act of Class Movers is well equipped with the right equipment and also take prides in having experienced Piano Movers and Hot Tub Movers in our team. They are accomplished movers and packers for specialty goods – the techniques involved in assembly, packaging, wrapping and transportation for these specialty goods moving services for all kinds of specialty goods, from Piano to Pool Tables.

We are one of the most reputable movers in Punta Gorda and serve with detailing and precision. The storage service provides are climate controlled and covers more than 40,000 sqft. Of the storage space – being offered for short & long term. We ensure absolutely stress free move and safest moving services in Punta Gorda.

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The love of my life, my piano was finally going to be left behind, once I moved in with my fiancé. At the last minute I decided, I really wanted it with me. My mom recommended that I contact Act of Class, as they have great experience in moving these types of antiques. Even though it was on such a short notice, the company was very accommodating about it. After a good 10 minutes call on where I wanted the piano delivered, I was told that the movers will arrive two days after. I got a call that they were on their way, so I made sure the path was clear for them to easily maneuver the piano. They packed it with heavy padding and made sure the legs were protected. The piano arrived safe and sound at my new home.

Honey Lowe, Fort Myers


I wanted to deliver an antique 80 year old piano to my friend for a party and at the last minute, the moving company I had hired cancelled on me. My friend recommended that I call Act of Class. Turns out, they have a specific service for transferring antiques. Your belongings are well taken care of by very competent people, so you don’t have to worry about any damage. They arrived at my place right on time and took some safety precautions to cushion the piano. It was loaded into the moving truck and delivered to my friend in 3 hours. They took the long route to avoid traffic and make sure that the piano was delivered safely. Great work guys!

Roy Wilkins, Fort Myers


When I called Act of Class, it was Chase with whom I talked. I was told that a team of movers would arrive at my preferred time and start loading the boxes into the truck immediately. Since I had packed everything, it took just two hours for them to load all my belongings. My wife received all the boxes and the movers were very fast in carrying them into the house. The boxes were unpacked in just a few hours and everything was moved to their respective rooms. Act of Class did a bang up job and I highly recommend them for that and especially Chase who was very helpful.

Vincent Benson, Fort Myers


From the time we met with Dan until the last piece of furniture was off the truck, we had a wonderful experience. Very professional and hard working. At one point, the owner even came to make sure everything was going according to schedule. Every piece arrived in great condition and we would highly recommend Act of Class. Anita and Larry

Anita Basik, Fort Myers


Outstanding. They were professional, responsive, and competitive. The crew was on time, friendly, and extremely competent. The best move I’ve had. Highly recommended!

Greg Steiner, Fort Myers

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