Moving Services in Estero, Florida

Moving Services in Estero, Florida

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Authorized by Cyrus Teed, the village established in Lee County – Estero is a renowned host to home games for Florida Everblades ECHL ice hockey team, Florida. Estero is quite literally interceding amidst Fort Myers from the North & Naples from the South. It is one of the most relaxing and comforting destinations in Florida due to the variant local beaches with smooth sands and peaceful ambience. If you are an adventurous person, you can root for the fun activities that Estero has to offer, like Swamp Buggy Tours or Airboat Ride, etc.Estero also offers a wide range of real estate options redefining fine and luxurious homes in the locality. From moderately priced to opulent fine-dining restaurants, this place helps you feel like you’re at an enhanced version of home. The weather in this place is pleasant as well as moist at all times, factually due to its location.

Commercial Movers in Estero, FL

The real estate in Estero is getting better each day since 2013 after it was announced as the corporate headquarters of Hertz. Since then, the area has seen upward movement and is a preferred destination for realtors and those who wish to invest in real estate.

Moving to Estero is also preferred as the region enjoys advantages of two way connection with Fort Myers and Naples both. This helps preserve the calm & beauty Estero offers without really compromising the business propositions.

Residential Movers in Estero, FL

The city promises best of real estate options to invest in and live for the home buyers. Families prefer and there is an evident rise in the Residential Movers in Estero, FL because of good schooling & healthcare options readily available.

Also, the residential movers prefer Moving to Estero, FL for the recreation options it offers to its residents. Be it the Lee Country Parks, the sanctuary which is claimed to be a 13,000-acre preserve or the hustling Coconut Point mall, the residents are happy, healthy and not at all bored of Moving to Estero, FL or even choosing this as their home.

Many researchers, teachers and university sophomores of Florida Gulf Coast University also chose Estero as their home to be because of its close vicinity. Other than these the city offers a number of concerts, sports events, live shows etc. The town centers offer ample of shopping options too making it a perfect destination for the Residential Movers.

Senior Moving Services in Estero, FL

With the rise of reality options and ample to healthcare options, Estero, FL is also a preferred region for senior living in Estero, FL. Act of Class understood the increasing demand of Senior Moving Services and that is how we made the Long distance moving to Estero as well as the Local Moving to Estero possible through a designated team who take care of the specialized moves together with Senior Moving facilities to make the move not only affordable for the seniors moving to Estero but also made is smooth and easy.

Under our Senior Moving Services in Estero, we also ensure the add-on services like Packing, Furniture Assembly, specialized deliveries etc., together with the Moving of specialized goods like antiques, Hot Tubs, Pianos and Pool Tables etc.

Our Senior Moving services quotes will include all of these additional services:

  • Assembly & Re-installing of electronic goods like Refrigerators, Freezers, Television sets, Washes & Dryers, Music System, Workstation desk etc.
  • Garage Cleanouts & Swing Sets move
  • Storage Assistance & Delivery if any
  • Foreclosure cleaning, Sheds moving etc.

Storage Facilities for Estero Movers, FL

Act of Class Moving company houses more than 40,000 sqft. of area especially for the short term and long term storage facilities for the movers across Fort Myers and Naples region. Since we render long distance moves, the spaces also ensure that there is no damage to the client goods.

We are the Affordable Movers in Estero,FL because we are a 4 decade old family owned moving company and thereby have all the required resources in house from storage to moving equipment together with an absolutely responsible moving team – which the best rated movers in Estero and in fact the most trusted Local Movers in Naples & Fort Myers region.

Why is Act of Class Moving Company regarded as the best movers in Estero ?

Earlier our management was happy to write about ourselves as the best local moving company for the entire Fort Myers and Naples region. The reason we are writing about the benefits of Moving with Act of Class Movers in Fort Myers region is are multiple ratings we have achieved on the following traits:

  • Transparent Moving Quotes which are competitive in pricing & worthy of the services
  • Well trained and well behaved team of movers
  • Locally versed and thereby quick in execution
  • Highly motivated and equipped with just right trucks, machinery and packaging/ wrapping material
  • Accomplished & Comfortable in rendering Residential moves with children
  • Preferred partners for Senior Moving services as well as the Specialized Movers in Estero.
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Stephen Erskine

I hired Act of Class to move my Nana’s antique armoire to my new home. It was the only furniture I wanted to taken with me when I moved out of my parent’s house. They have a special service for moving these types of items to make sure that they are protected. The supervisor assured me the movers would arrive at the house and pack the armoire themselves, as this would give them the assurity that it can be handled safely. The armoire was loaded into the moving van and arrived right on time at my house. There wasn’t even a single scratch on it. It’s important you get insurance for it before handing it to the movers. However, I knew that Act of Class would do a great job in handing the antique safely. Very happy with their service!

Jack Fleming

The first time I hired Act of Class was when my parents decided to buy themselves a new house. It was a very sweet gesture, them transferring the old house to me, one I was not expecting. So, I decided to take care of the move. I searched on the internet and found Act of Class. They had such great reviews on Google, so I decided to hire them. They were very friendly when I called them and booked me immediately. The movers arrived on time and assured me that everything would be packed and unpacked according to my parent’s specification. Fast forward one year and I hired them again when my fiancé moved in with me. The welcome was still warm and the service superb. They really know how to treat a customer. Their two best assets are promptness and their skills in packing.

Sharon Nade

Act of Class is the best moving company I have had the pleasure of working with. The day the closing papers on our old house were finally signed, I gave the company the go ahead to start moving my belongings. I had booked their services one week before the move and without a reminder; they arrived at the house right on time. Some of the furniture and belongings had to be delivered to my new office. They took care of both jobs at the same time and did so efficiently. Everything arrived safely according to the checklist.

Susan Howard

We would highly recommend this moving company!! Jules and Josh were super amazing!! They moved our apartment in less than four hours on Saturday but were needed elsewhere so they came back on Sunday to empty our storage unit without complaint!!! Super friendly and professional! Decent price and well worth it!!!

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