Moving Services in Bonita Springs, Florida

Moving Services in Bonita Springs, Florida

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Bonita Springs is a hustling city in Lee County, Florida. The city is geographically cited amidst the Gulf of Mexico and Estero. It witnesses the Imperial River as of from the downtown district of the city as it empties onto the Estero Bay. Bonita Springs bystanders the temperature of about 65 °F as it is located in the tropical climate zone, particularly followed by harsh and heavy weather throughout the year. Our existing clients often say on being asked ‘Why Move to Bonita Springs?’, they say: ‘If you solely intend to delve into the nature and all it has to offer or go boating out front in its clear waters; it is surely your place to be!’ It is formerly known as the “tropical paradise” for its renowned year-round sunshine. Over the years, habitation here has witnessed a continual amelioration in the quality of lifestyle, business expansion & workforce retention. Back in the early days, around the 1870s; the government surveyors pitched a camp around a medical spring, in a fairly remote and secluded part of Southwest Florida. When the crew moved on from the site, it came to be known as Survey. Following the next decade, various homesteaders moved in as Braxton B. Comer purchased 6000acres of land around Survey and imported about 50-60 families from Alabama with the intention of initiating a large plantation focusing on bananas, coconuts & pineapples.

As technology and advancement progressed, various people started moving to Bonita Springs. Urbanisation led to framing of modern office facilities, top-notch shopping centres & malls and massively magnificent golf courses, educational institutions etc., which further led to the increase in residential as well as commercial movers in Bonita Springs.

What makes us the preferred Local Movers in Bonita Springs?

We are often asked as how we became the preferred moving company in Bonita Springs. Thanks to the people who believed in us as their inter-state movers and slowly we decided to have a base & be functionally equipped to offer the best local moving services in Bonita Springs in record time.
We are highly trained & motivated team to make your move easy, smooth and time-bound thereby, minimizing the effect of your move in your personal as well as professional life.

Residential Movers in Bonita Springs

Organised approach is required right from the time we plan a residential move in Bonita Springs, whether it is the team, the experts, the fitting supplies and equipment, our moving consultant will ensure that things are right in place before we commence a residential move in Bonita Springs. At Act of Class, we will offer a free moving quote, ascertain the requisites of moving process, budgets, timelines and planning days of actions and lock in the best day & date for the move. This ensures the appropriate push required in attaining timely completion.

Storage Services in Bonita Springs

Act of Class acts as a self-storage company that can benefit you our own climate controlled storage options available at multiple spaces around southwest Florida. As consumers, we tend to buy many things, inclusive of items we might not require. This makes us negligent towards those items until we encounter a moving process. Here’s when storage comes into play. Clients are offered storage facilities of various sizes as in accordance to the price they are willing to pay. As a client, you must sort things that you want to move to your new destination from the stuff you are willing to throw out. Be assured that your belongings and goods will be stored in fully insured and climate controlled storage units.

Local Moving Services in Bonita Springs

Four Word: Pack Fast, Move Faster. At Act of Class Moving Company, we believe in collecting the confidence of our clients and investing the same in inculcating enthusiasm in the most pocket-friendly local moving experience for the residents moving to Bonita Springs! Following are a few steps that will help you understand and cooperate with our architecture and functioning with ease-

  • Initiate timely
  • Sort and pack strategically
  • Set up a packing room with labelled boxes
  • Explain your requirements to the workforce clearly
  • Keep track and coordinate with the moving consultant assigned
  • Load in sections so that unloading is easy

Commercial Movers in Bonita Springs

We lay a well-instructed and organized plan from starting to finishing point, covering all aspects of a Commercial Move in Bonita Springs. Here, we outline and make a ground plan of completing commercial move. Then we sort the workforce and allot designations to divide the responsibilities for a better handling. This distinctive set up is further responsible for listing out the various hypothetical disruptions and obstructions in the moving process while simultaneously keep a track on how the efficiently the deadline is met.

Our Commercial Moving services in Bonita Springs include the following:

  • Corporate Moving Service
  • Cubicle Moving
  • Office Movers – Assembly, Delivery and Reassembly
  • Hotel/ Restaurant Moving Services
  • Store Moving in Bonita Springs
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Stephen Erskine

I hired Act of Class to move my Nana’s antique armoire to my new home. It was the only furniture I wanted to taken with me when I moved out of my parent’s house. They have a special service for moving these types of items to make sure that they are protected. The supervisor assured me the movers would arrive at the house and pack the armoire themselves, as this would give them the assurity that it can be handled safely. The armoire was loaded into the moving van and arrived right on time at my house. There wasn’t even a single scratch on it. It’s important you get insurance for it before handing it to the movers. However, I knew that Act of Class would do a great job in handing the antique safely. Very happy with their service!

Jack Fleming

The first time I hired Act of Class was when my parents decided to buy themselves a new house. It was a very sweet gesture, them transferring the old house to me, one I was not expecting. So, I decided to take care of the move. I searched on the internet and found Act of Class. They had such great reviews on Google, so I decided to hire them. They were very friendly when I called them and booked me immediately. The movers arrived on time and assured me that everything would be packed and unpacked according to my parent’s specification. Fast forward one year and I hired them again when my fiancé moved in with me. The welcome was still warm and the service superb. They really know how to treat a customer. Their two best assets are promptness and their skills in packing.

Sharon Nade

Act of Class is the best moving company I have had the pleasure of working with. The day the closing papers on our old house were finally signed, I gave the company the go ahead to start moving my belongings. I had booked their services one week before the move and without a reminder; they arrived at the house right on time. Some of the furniture and belongings had to be delivered to my new office. They took care of both jobs at the same time and did so efficiently. Everything arrived safely according to the checklist.

Susan Howard

We would highly recommend this moving company!! Jules and Josh were super amazing!! They moved our apartment in less than four hours on Saturday but were needed elsewhere so they came back on Sunday to empty our storage unit without complaint!!! Super friendly and professional! Decent price and well worth it!!!

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