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Fort Myers, FL

Serving Fort Myers, Florida 33901

Serving Fort Myers, Florida 33903

Serving Fort Myers, Florida 33906

Serving Fort Myers, Florida 33911

Serving Fort Myers, Florida 33913

Serving Fort Myers, Florida 33917

Serving Fort Myers, Florida 33966

Serving Fort Myers, Florida 33990

Serving Fort Myers, Florida 33902

Serving Fort Myers, Florida 33905

Serving Fort Myers, Florida 33907

Serving Fort Myers, Florida 33912

Serving Fort Myers, Florida 33916

Serving Fort Myers, Florida 33919

Serving Fort Myers, Florida 33971

Fort Myers Beach, FL

Serving Fort Myers Beach, Florida 33931

Serving Fort Myers Beach, Florida 33932

Estero, FL

Serving Estero, Florida 33928

Serving Estero, Florida 33929

Serving Estero, Florida 33967

Serving Estero, Florida 34134

Serving Estero, Florida 34135

Lehigh Acres, FL

Serving Lehigh Acres, Florida 33905

Serving Lehigh Acres, Florida 33920

Serving Lehigh Acres, Florida 33970

Serving Lehigh Acres, Florida 33972

Serving Lehigh Acres, Florida 33974

Serving Lehigh Acres, Florida 33976

Serving Lehigh Acres, Florida 33913

Serving Lehigh Acres, Florida 33936

Serving Lehigh Acres, Florida 33971

Serving Lehigh Acres, Florida 33973

Serving Lehigh Acres, Florida 33975

Cape Coral, FL

Serving Cape Coral, Florida 33903

Serving Cape Coral, Florida 33909

Serving Cape Coral, Florida 33914

Serving Cape Coral, Florida 33990

Serving Cape Coral, Florida 33993

Serving Cape Coral, Florida 33904

Serving Cape Coral, Florida 33910

Serving Cape Coral, Florida 33915

Serving Cape Coral, Florida 33991

Bonita Springs, FL

Serving Bonita Springs, Florida 33931

Serving Bonita Springs, Florida 34110

Serving Bonita Springs, Florida 34119

Serving Bonita Springs, Florida 34133

Serving Bonita Springs, Florida 34134

Serving Bonita Springs, Florida 34135

Serving Bonita Springs, Florida 34136

Naples, FL

Serving Naples, Florida 34102

Serving Naples, Florida 34103

Serving Naples, Florida 34104

Serving Naples, Florida 34105

Serving Naples, Florida 34112

Serving Naples, Florida 34116

Marco Island, FL

Serving Marco Island, Florida 34145

Serving Marco Island, Florida 34146

Punta Gorda, FL

Serving Punta Gorda, Florida 33950

Serving Punta Gorda, Florida 33951

Serving Punta Gorda, Florida 33955

Port Charlotte, FL

Serving Port Charlotte, Florida 33938

Serving Port Charlotte, Florida 33948

Serving Port Charlotte, Florida 33949

Serving Port Charlotte, Florida 33952

Serving Port Charlotte, Florida 33980

Sanibel, FL

Serving Sanibel Island, Florida 33957

Moving Services in Fort Myers
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Moving Services in Fort Myers
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Act of Class Moving is a family owned Moving Company based in Florida. We have over two decades of experience in residential moving, commercial moving, office & cubicle moving – across states and locally in Florida.