Office Furniture Movers

We have detailed about the Commercial Moving Services which cover all kinds of commercial space which needs to be packed, loaded and transported. The office moving services detail out our procedures right from disassembly, packing, loading and transit to disassembly at the new office.

Our office moving services can be availed at Fort Myers, Naples and entire South-west Florida region covering the beach towns like Sarasota, Bonita Springs, Marco Islands, Cape Coral, Estero etc.

Under Office Furniture Movers section, we ensure:

  • Safety of Office Documents – they are packed properly and in a secured way.
  • Office Stationary is packed and transported in the most organized way assuring easy assembly in the new office.
  • Proper disassembly of Cubicles, Cabinets and other furniture of office.
  • Assembling the office cubicles, cabinets, cup boards and furniture of the office.
  • Careful disassembly, loading/unloading and transit of soft boards, white boards, glass boards and even office culinary.
  • Secure packaging & transit of inflammables if any from the office pantry.
  • Safeguarded office moving with full protection & insurance.


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