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Shifting a home is like shifting a comfort zone which is co-created by the people in it and that is how we treat our residential moving services. We make sure that the move happens safe & smooth.

We understand that the goods in a residence do not only have monetary value, there are emotions attached and we make sure, we do just the right thing in the best way possible. For moving a residence you need the appropriate supplies and services that fit as per the requirements. You can have a moving consultant from ‘Act of Class’ to plan your move. S/he will customize the plan as per your home & moving requirements. But as you are planning to call the movers, you should know about the following:

What is the duration to make the move?

When do you plan to start the packing and by when do you plan to settle in the new premise. This is the most important thing to know, so that you can ascertain the exact requirements & days of action. Also what is the kind of moving budget you have on mind?

Who will do the Packing/Unpacking?

Now that we have mentioned about moving budget, we have moving packages that include Packing & Unpacking after the move and also those where we only help the client with the goods moving. Many a times clients want to take a call on this after meeting a moving consultant from Act of Class.

Following is a moving checklist to help you make a residential move decision:

  • Time for the move
  • Inventory to move
  • Calling an Act of Class moving consultant for the goods survey & a moving quote
  • Decision on Packing
  • Requirement of Storage Space – yes/no
  • Ready to make the move

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