Advantages of Hiring Local Movers in Fort Myers / Naples and surrounding beach towns.

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Advantages of Hiring Local Movers in Fort Myers / Naples and surrounding beach towns.

We have been reading about South West Florida as the cone of concern for hurricane Irma and there are alerts that it might hit North Fort Myers, Naples and Cape Coral in a day or 2. We being a family owned business completely understand the panic situation we feel as it certainly leads to loss of time, business & peace of mind.

Act of Class being one of the Trusted Local Movers of Fort Myers is concerned and having seen so many hurricanes like situations in the past, we know how to face the challenging times with sporting & supporting spirit. Our men at work are locals and that is why our moving services have advantages over other moving company in Fort Myers/Naples or Cape Coral.

Moving requires a lot of work on any day, the natural calamity like situations further stress the movers and also those who get hit by such calamities and end up making losses –be it residential or the small business owners around beach.

As business owners ourselves, we understand that If we do all the things by our own then sometimes becomes hectic and derails the daily routine of businesses as well as homeowners.

However, it is always better to have an expert. If we hire act of class moving company, the trusted local movers in Fort Myers, then moving will be easy and stress-free. Place like Florida which is prone to natural calamities and for a new resident is not an easy task to shift by yourself, also it is a pressing task to manage everything all together.

We are a Local Moving Company in Fort Myers and are absolutely familiar about all the weather condition of Fort Myers and surrounding beach towns of SWFL like Naples, Cape Coral etc. Because of the constant alerts of Hurricane Irma this weekend, when people are asked to evacuate the place of sight within two days we have decided to give 25% Off on moving services for the victims of hurricane IRMA in Fort Myers, Naples and Cape Coral.

Here are few advantages of having a Local Mover in Fort Myers/Naples:


When moving by yourself, you have other things also to be done on time but hiring a professional you have to set only date and time for everything to be done with care. Everything will be done without any last minute issues or changes. You have to plan for other things like travel, transfers of schools, colleges, office, local transportation etc.

Insurance of Belongings

Packing by yourself can damage the precious belongings be it the electronics items, the antiques and the piano etc., but by the movers all your belongings will be insured, so in case of any mishap you are covered. They help you to relocate your belonging with no surprise. You will be stress free and relieved by the fact that if any problem arise then the movers are there to help you. They will not leave the house until the job is done rightly.

Proper Equipment

Some tools are essential for smooth moving and these are not always available by you and if you have taken these on rent then renting out them is just wastage of time and money. On the other hand, professionals have all the tools for packing and unpacking without any extra cost. They unscrew and screw the furniture and delicate items with ease. They relocate the things the way you want. The moving consultant at Act of Class Movers will provide the solutions on packing, unpacking, from assembling to reassembling.

Money saver

Moving by yourself require extra supplies such as cardboard boxes, bubble wrap or major tools. Professional moving companies already have all of these items at their disposal for you to utilize. If you have any two wheeler or cycles of kids then you do not have to hire another means of transport, they make space for these also. So you can save your money. And as a responsible Local Movers in Fort Myers, we always extend the discounts during natural calamities as a gesture towards social responsibility.

Lifting at floors

Moving large and heavy furniture alone can be difficult as well as dangerous but professionals know all the angles and moves without any hassle. They have done this several times and are experienced in doing all these so we do not have to use our muscle power in relocating the heavy furniture. They ensure that every piece of furniture is in its proper place and every box is in its matching room. So you just have to use your energy in decorating the house.

Excuse free

During move your friends and relatives will not have to think of different excuses to avoid helping since professionals give quality of service and personalized attention to everything. They do the things according to you. you can pay them extra for extra work done like installation of cabinets and drawers in kitchen and bathrooms. For Cleaning house and lawn, we do not require any family member to bother them, so they are also happy with this.

Weather resistant

During bad climate you do not have to worry about your belongings, professionals have air bags, fully covered trucks, and safeguards. In case of any worst condition truck will remain at the safe place till the conditions become normal, and they will not charge extra for this. And we always offer the best moving estimates for local moving services in Fort Myers, Naples and Cape Coral.

For more details on discounts or to request a personalized moving estimate from, Act of Class, the best Local Movers in Fort Myers, Naples & Cape Coral, call us on, +239 249 3232 or visit,