​How to ​​Find a Quality Mover in Florida?

How to find Quality movers- Naples movers

​How to ​​Find a Quality Mover in Florida?

Act of Class Movers is a 20+ year old moving company and has been helping individuals, businesses, residential and senior movers across the state of Florida. The idea of doing this post is to help the movers establish a checklist for choosing the right moving company for a safe and loss free move. The state of Florida has defined certain rules, membership associations etc to help the mover make a selection. And that is always recommended to each mover. The checklist should include:

License, Certification and Ratings:

For Interstate Moves, your chosen movers are required by Law to give you a copy of a booklet called “Your Rights and Responsibilities“. The booklet gives you a definition of moving industry terms, an explanation of how a mover must estimate charges and other helpful information to take a right decision on your movers pick. In addition, a quality mover/moving company will send you their representatives to explain about the: Code of Ethics, Services Offered, Value Added Services, Timeline Estimations and General Valuation Coverage Information. To verify the certifications of a moving company, AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association) is considered in good standing.

Checking License Number:

You can go to the Federal DOT website and review the following information of the shortlisted mover by entering the License number:

  • If there is an active DOT Registered Number for the mover
  • Complaints

The License numbers for movers are granted by the ICC (Interstate Commerce Commission). This is required by a mover to travel within their state as evidence of being licensed and insured. These are issued by the State of Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Division of Consumer Services.

Moving Quotes

While comparing moving quotes, it is recommended to consider choosing those with the highest weight estimate. Those who do so suggest that they have done a detailed inventory of your move and also the weight estimates are considered more accurate as compared to the lowest cost estimate. For Hourly quotes – it is likely that the cost will go up and the reason to delay could be numerous. The hourly rates work fine for the short haul moves. It is good to request a quote online but nothing can match an on-site estimate. On-site Estimates work best for the customer; also they get to know the moving company well. Some of the moving companies including Act of Class Movers – customize the quotes as per the varying requirements of clients, and that works best for customer and also saves lot of time of the movers as well.

Also note that legitimate movers never require a deposit. It is mostly the brokers who ask for a deposit. Since this is an unnecessary expense it should be avoided.

Services Check:


Act of Class Movers have moving consultants for designated for each move. Still we recommend that someone from the movers (customer side) should be present as the time of packing and should ensure packing, labeling and the inventory list then & there. Customer shall always keep a copy of the inventory list. On Delivery, again the customer shall check & inspect the damage if any. And the same shall be reported to the carrier immediately. Also note that c claim for damaged goods can be filed within nine months of the date of delivery.

Storage Options:

It is advised to cross check & verify the storage facility. And make sure you are subscribing to Air Conditioned or Climate Controlled Storage. As for Act of Class, we have an access to over 40,000 sq.ft climate controlled storage area across Florida.We hope this quick Guide to Find a Quality Mover helped you.

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